They’re Growing Too Fast!

Elias will be four soon, and Simon is now 19 months. I decided it was time for some more portraits. The boys both cooperated pretty well and we got some great shots. They are growing too fast. I don’t have babies anymore.

One of the things I wanted to capture with these portraits was Simon’s hair. I know we can’t keep the curls forever, but I want them as long as possible. Nathan has been bothering me to cut them off for months. I have refused. He has threatened to cut them off on a boys night when I am out volunteering or something. I told him that I needed to at least get some portraits first. So…I don’t have that excuse anymore. Come on, people! I need your help! I need Nathan bombarded with “Keep The Curls” messages!

Here they are in all their cuteness:

boys 1 boys 2 elias 1 elias 2 simon 1 simon 2

fmaily 1 family 2And here’s one more just for fun. Nathan got me a frame for our 8th anniversary back in May and told me he wanted a portrait of just the two of us, so we got one of those too.


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The Best Game Ever

P1190272I have to say…if you don’t have one of these slides and a few toy cars, it will be well worth every penny!

Recently, the boys discovered that they could send their cars down the slide and let them roll across the floor. Since that momentous discovery, this has provided hours of endless entertainment. I tried to make it into a science experiment to see which cars rolled farthest. But that ruined the fun.

In the last few days the boys have also given their animals and a few other toys rides down the slide, but for the most part it has been the cars. Car after car rolling down the ramp. I’m just trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

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Apple Picking (In Pictures)

The boys and I went apple picking on Friday morning. We visited a great orchard just down the road! We went to Bells Orchard, which is a short orchard, so all of the apples were hanging low enough for the boys to reach them without help. Simon mostly picked up rotten apples off of the ground, but Elias did great at choosing good ones from the trees. After Elias counted them all up we had 29 in our bucket. We’ll be eating a lot of apples in the next week or so!

Here are the boys during our beautiful outing:

Being in charge of the wagon is important!

P1190245What a beautiful day to be picking apples!

P1190251Searching for the best ones!

P1190253These boys are constantly on the go. I tried to stop their fun for a quick picture together, but this is the best I got. I guess I need to quit sticking the camera in their face and start actually letting them have more fun.

P1190254Reaching way up high!

P1190257Proud of his finds.

P1190260Simon dumped out his apples so that he could put more in his bucket.

P1190261Taking a rest to ride in the wagon for a bit.

P1190265Inspecting one last good one.


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First Day of 3′s Preschool!!!

Although Elias went to preschool last year for the pre-3′s, it is still a big milestone for him to start 3′s preschool! He is going to Prince of Peace Preschool, and he goes twice a week now! Mrs. Kimball is his teacher again, and he is absolutely thrilled. We have been anticipating the start of preschool for awhile now. We got to go in and see the classroom one on one with Mrs. Kimball. Then last week we had the open house where he got to meet his new friends. Elias even got some homework to complete before the first day of class.

Here he is completely his first homework:


It was tricky at first to get Elias to think of specific things to draw. He just wanted to scribble away like he normally does. He was supposed to draw things that are special about him. They will be displayed in the classroom and eventually made into a class book. He drew himself, Simon in a mask, Daddy, baseball, swimming, his sweater, and a couple of other things. I labeled them for him. All in all it was a fun project.

Yesterday morning was Elias’ actual first day of school. He was very excited and cooperated very nicely for these pictures. I’ve wanted to take first day of school pictures pretty much since before he was born, so I was very happy he was excited about it too.

P1190228 P1190230

When we got to class, I had wanted to get a picture of Elias and Mrs. Kimball, but he ran in too fast without even saying goodbye, sat down at the play-doh table with his friends, and got started playing.


When I went to pick Elias up from school, I got the picture I had hoped for.


Elias said his favorite part of his first day was painting a bear and singing “pass the apple”. He also told me that he played outside because it wasn’t raining, Gavin passed him the apple, and Elias passed it to Johan, and Mrs. Kimball gave them crackers and fruit snacks but he didn’t eat any fruit snacks. It was a great first day of 3′s preschool!

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Brother Snuggles

P1190223Don’t worry. Elias and Simon have their fair share of brotherly hitting, toy-grabbing, and yelling. But it is so much more fun to post and remember the sweet moments. Earlier today we let the boys watch a Disneyland sing-along video they love. It is basically a 27 minute advertisement for Disneyland where the characters go around and sing songs and ride rides. The boys absolutely love it. Nathan does not like it at all. Elias sings along sometimes.

Anyway, today while they were watching, Elias declared that he wanted to hug Simon. They snuggled for the entire rest of the show. It was so cute I just had to get a picture.

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Life Is Messy!

Sometimes it’s fun to just let the boys get messy. Muddy. Sandy. Dirty. Or finger painty! The other night after dinner Elias said he wanted to do some finger painting. We had just finished cleaning up after dinner so I didn’t feel much like having another huge mess. But sometimes you just have to embrace the moment and worry about clean up later! The boys had a blast.

P1190202 P1190203 P1190205

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Car Wash!

P1190208Our car has been needing a wash for awhile now. This afternoon after nap time, I thought it would be a fun idea since it was pretty warm outside. We got out all of the car wash gear, pulled the car out of the garage, and got to work. Simon wasn’t into it in the beginning, but he warmed up at the end. Elias, however, absolutely loved it. He tried the sponge, the rag, the brush, and of course, the hose (which he soaked me with on multiple occasions).

P1190215It was a fun way to spend a warm afternoon.

Being a new homeowner, though, I must have made a rookie mistake. I kept the car in the driveway during washing so that I could be sure the boys would be safe. I didn’t want them in the street. Unfortunately, we must have an ant colony living underneath our driveway that became flooded with all of the car wash water. After we finished the wash, I noticed a huge swarm of ants all over our driveway and moving into our garage. My first thought was of all of the cracker crumbs in the car seats and I quickly pulled the car out onto the street to remove the temptation from the ants. Can you imagine ants in the car seat? We closed the garage door, and the ants stopped coming into the garage for the time being. Hopefully their home either dries out or they find another one far away from our house.


Washing the car with the boys was fun but lesson learned! Next time we’ll wash the car when both Mommy and Daddy are home so we can wash it in the street and have extra eyes on the boys!

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What An Uncle Can Teach You

Uncles can teach little boys lots of things. My two little boys were lucky this weekend because they got to learn so many fun things from their Uncle Scott. We went camping at Fort Stevens and had a blast. The primary reason our family goes is for salmon fishing. Nathan caught three fish. We’ll be enjoying lots of good salmon in the coming months. The boys and I stay behind, and my mom kindly stayed back with us. We got to do a lot of fun things during the mornings, and then in the afternoons all of the fishermen and women were back to join our fun.

So what did my boys learn?

First off, they learned how to find secret places in the woods. Uncle Scott helped them find three secret places. Their favorite was secret place number one. Elias wanted everyone to come join him in secret place number one. Here are a couple pictures:

P1190072 P1190073One of the evenings, we rode our bikes to Coffenbury Lake. We found a small sand dune. Uncle Scott promptly taught the boys how to run down the sand dune.

P1190117He also taught them how to make daring jumps.

P1190107My little daredevil, Simon, had to try this right away.

P1190105With all of the talk of fishing going on, Elias really wanted to participate. He is not quite old enough to go out on the boat yet during salmon fishing. So Uncle Scott took him fishing for smaller fish from the shore. He caught a yellow perch and was very very proud. Nathan didn’t get pictures of the fish or the proud looks on Elias’ face, but these are a couple of him in the process of fishing.

P1190054 P1190056One thing Uncle Scott could not teach the boys was the beauty and relaxation of sitting around the campfire. Every time we wanted to sit around the fire, the boys looked at us like we were crazy and then got up to run around to their secret place or explore the area.

P1190068One thing that finally got them interested in staying in the campfire area was when they started the “throwing sticks and pine cones game.” We made a huge pile of sticks and pine cones from around the camp. Then the boys would grab a couple at a time, run to the bushes, and throw them as hard as they could into the woods. They did this over and over and over again. It was very cute to watch, and it was nice because we could actually sit around and enjoy the campfire while we watched them.

While everyone else was out fishing, my mom and I took the boys to Seaside for some fun. The boys both really loved the carousel.

P1190050 P1190042We also rode our bikes to Battery Russel and the Historic Area so that the boys could explore around those areas. They had a lot of fun making echoes in all of the dark rooms of the battery, and Simon especially loved pretending to drive the army jeep.

P1190141 P1190151Much to my brother’s dismay, I insisted on one no-fishing day. (At least for our family of four…everyone else still went). Instead, we went to Cannon Beach. We ate at our favorite restaurant in the whole world…The Lazy Susan Cafe. Poor Simon had to wait a lot longer for his breakfast than normal. In retrospect we should have brought him something more to tide him over. We had a nightmare restaurant scenario on our hands until we ordered an English Muffin pronto, and Simon got some food in his belly. Then he was charming and waving at all the other customers like he hadn’t been throwing forks and screaming just a few seconds earlier.

After breakfast we went to Tolovanna and enjoyed the beach. It was a chilly but beautiful day. The boys had a lot of fun playing in the sand.


We also dipped our legs in the ocean, but it was absolutely freezing. Painfully freezing! It didn’t seem to bother Elias has much as it bothered the rest of us.P1190193Elias keeps telling me that we have to go back to camping. Both boys really loved the experience!




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Bloody Nose

Poor Elias had a pretty bad bloody nose earlier this evening. We were playing baseball out in the backyard. Simon usually hits off the tee, because let’s face it, he’s not very successful at hitting pitched balls. But hitting pitched balls is what Elias does so Simon likes to “take a whack at it.”

One thing I know from experience is that Simon stands way to close to the pitcher when he attempts hitting pitched balls. In fact, he pretty much hits me with every swing. I try to jump out of the way, but sometimes he gets me. Knowing this, I should have just refused when Elias pleaded with me to take a turn pitching to Simon. But it’s hard to resist letting them play together.

So I handed Elias the ball, and started walking around Simon. In my head I was thinking that I would back Simon up, and stand right next to him to ensure he did not hit Elias with the bat. But Simon was too quick. He swung at the ball, and hit Elias square on the nose. Hard.

It was just a plastic bat, but Elias immediately burst into tears (which is very rare) so I knew he must be hurting a lot. Then came the blood gushing out. Poor little guy. Let’s just say we both needed a change of clothes after that one!

Now he can say his brother hit him in the face with a baseball bat. Let’s hope it is the one and only time!

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Simon At Bat

Since Nathan and Elias love baseball so much, it is natural that Simon would develop a love for it as well. Recently, he has really taken an interest in hitting off the tee. 18 months is right around the time Elias started really enjoying “bat and ball” as well so it is bringing back a lot of fond memories for me when I watch Simon play.

Elias is becoming somewhat of a batting whiz, and Simon has learned mostly by watching his brother (as with most everything else in his life). The boys are (almost always) good at sharing our bat, and taking turns hitting the ball. We have lost quite a few whiffle balls over the backyard fence, but luckily the neighbors are kind enough to return most of them promptly.

Because Simon is so cute at bat, I took a bunch of videos of him. Here is one for your enjoyment:

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