Just Like Daddy

This evening I caught Simon trying to be just like Daddy. I heard a strange clicking sound coming from the area he had last been playing so I went to investigate. He had pulled out the chair, climbed up, figured out how to open the laptop computer, and was typing away as proud as can be.

At first he looked a little guilty yet excited to be just like Daddy:

P1180585Then he went right back to typing, both with one finger and both hands.

P1180588 P1180586

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Reunited And It Feels So Good!

After a crazy five weeks with me working, a bit of relaxation is in order. But it will have to wait another week or so because we have a bunch of family in town. We have been looking forward to their visit for weeks…even months!

P1180567Yesterday, Grandpa arrived by train and he will be staying with us for a little over a week. Elias told me this evening in the bath, “I will always love Grandpa.” It was so cute. I told him he should tell Grandpa that, so he said, “I love you Grandpa!” (Of course Grandpa and Daddy were out of the house at a couple baseball games…but maybe the cute moment will repeat itself some time.

In the evening after dinner, Elias was reunited with his cousins and his Auntie, who we haven’t seen since the beginning of April. There was no warm up period needed. These kids got right down to business playing together. There were immediate giggles as they played together. What fun!


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Elias has loved t-ball since he was about 18 or 20 months old when Baba purchased him his first tee and bat set. He has gotten quite good at swinging the bat if I do say so myself.

When my friend mentioned that the Tualatin Hills Park and Rec district had a t-ball league for three and four year olds, my ears immediately perked up. And sign him up we did!

Elias’ first t-ball class was last tuesday. We arrived at the field and he was very excited. There were people running around and screaming everywhere and I think he must have felt very intimidated so he started crying. However, when it was time to start warm-ups and he recognized his coach and his friend, he went right over and had a blast.

He he is stretching:

P1180481While all of the big kids where out on the field doing stretches, warm ups, and throwing practice, Simon took advantage of the opportunity to take a few swings on the tee while no one was around. He was so proud.

P1180472After throwing practice, Elias and his team mates got a chance to learn how to run the bases. Much hilarity ensued. Not many of the kids actually touched all four bases. But they were proud of themselves so that is what is important. Elias got two turns swinging and hitting the ball off the tee. He whacked it as always. Here he is arriving at home plate. He left hungry for more…a good sign!


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Another Day At Hagg Lake!

We’ve been wanting to take the boys to Hagg lake for the last couple of weeks since it has been so hot outside (and inside). We finally had enough time open up on our calendar to go to the lake today! My parents met us with their boat, and we brought a picnic and some swim suits to enjoy the fun.

When we first arrived, Elias really wanted to drive the boat.

P1180409Then after we left the no wake zone, Elias decided he wanted a ride on the tube. He had been on the tube once last summer, and obviously remembered how fun it was! (Plus we’ve been talking it up all year) We still went pretty slow, but Elias had a blast!

P1180417Simon decided to try out his driving skills while Elias was otherwise occupied on the tube. He got annoyed with me trying to get his attention. He wanted to be looking where he was going!

P1180419After a picnic lunch, we decided to go swimming in the lake. It was about 79 degrees…pretty warm for a lake…but it still felt really cold when we first got in. Elias almost got out right at the beginning, but once we convinced him to stay in long enough to get used to it, he had a blast! The lake really was actually quite refreshing…that first dip in was just difficult!

P1180421Elias was jumping in the water off the boat and off the tube in no time! He absolutely loved it. We also made him practice swimming with the life jacket. He was very proud of himself.

Simon had a bit of a tougher time getting used the the water. His life jacket, although important, was more uncomfortable than the rest of ours. But he ended up having a lot of fun when he decided he wanted to jump off of the boat and the tube into the lake just like his brother. Here we are adjusting Simon’s life jacket while Elias gets ready for a jump.

P1180427After swimming, we took a family tube ride. It was Simon’s first time being pulled behind the boat. His little cheeks are so cute, being all smooshed up by his life jacket. He didn’t really smile, but he just sat there and took it all in. I think he enjoyed it.

P1180433Then it was time for the big kid rides. My mom and I took a turn on the tube going fast, and then Nathan and I. Elias and Simon both enjoyed learning how to be flag boys.

P1180435After one last ride on the tube for Elias, and some more swimming in the lake, it was time for us to go home. It was amazingly fun, and Nathan and I left wondering why we don’t go more often!

We actually went straight to a birthday party for one of Elias’ and Simon’s friends. Here are the boys playing together at the party:

P1180444What a great day!

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Summer Evenings

We had a great summer evening today. We are at the beginning of a big, long, summer humid heat wave….with no air conditioning. I know we are far from the first to suffer this fate. We are not alone. But it does not make it much easier to make it through.

I was especially disappointed this evening when we had to decide not to go to swimming lessons. I was really looking forward to getting into the pool for baby and me class to cool off. The boys really just needed a night at home, though.

What did we do to beat the heat, then?

Nathan took Elias to Great Clips for his summer hair cut. His hair was getting long and every time Elias got sweaty he looked so uncomfortable. Elias is a bit nervous about haircuts, so when he suggested he wanted one, we ran with it!

While the boys were gone, I cleaned out our water table that had gotten neglected while I’ve been at work. There was all sorts of grossness growing in there. After it was clean, we filled it again and Simon played…soaking himself with the cool water.

When Nathan and Elias got back home we played some good ol’ fashioned bat and ball after the sun had gone behind the house across the street. It was still warm outside, but cool enough to make it enjoyable. The boys had a blast.

P1180394 P1180397 P1180398On a side note…Elias suggested that Simon get a haircut too. Nathan has been wanting Simon’s hair cut for a couple months now. But I refuse! Those curls aren’t going anywhere…summer heatwave or no.

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The Last Day of My Twenties

Today was the last day of my twenties. I have to say that fact doesn’t really bother me. But thirty does sound kind of old when I’m referring to myself. I am looking forward to my thirties decade.

What did I do on the last day of my twenties? I just hung out with the fam. It was wonderful. The boys both slept in since we were out so late last night. Simon slept in to a jaw dropping 6:55, and Elias slept in until 8:30. It was amazing.

Nathan took Elias to home depot for a father-son “date” to the kids workshop. It was the first time they had gone, but it really is a cool program! Elias got to make his own bug catcher, and got his own home depot apron with a bug catcher pin.

P1180391While the boys were gone, I got to have some quality time with Simon. We stayed around the house, first playing outside a bunch, and then reading books inside. He was especially excited to try out big brother’s bike while he was gone. Simon couldn’t reach the pedals, but he sat on it while I pushed him around.

P1180381After lunch, Simon was very sleepy so I put him down for a nap. He napped for two whole hours which is unheard of around here. He must still be recovering from the tough week and staying out late last night.

After naps we went over to Nana’s house and went swimming in her pool. She fed us dinner and birthday cupcakes. Elias is really getting confident in the pool…almost to a scary degree. I think he has more confidence than he should right now. We’ll have to be extra diligent until he gets enough skills to catch up!

So…I didn’t do anything spectacular for the last day of my twenties. But I was right where I wanted to be!

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Happy 4th of July!

Our family was in much need of a break since Nate and I have both been working outside the home for two weeks now. This three day weekend has really done the trick…and we still have another day left!

I wouldn’t really say the boys slept in on the 4th, but we didn’t have to wake up before 6 so that was a plus! We had a leisurely morning. The boys played a duet on the piano which was fun. We went grocery shopping. We played in the backyard for a long time. I got to get a lot of weeding done, and the boys played baseball.


In the evening we went over to my parents’ house for a bbq with the whole family (and some friends too!) The food was delicious and the company was even better. Here is Simon having fun with Auntie Kristy:

P1180323After dinner the boys went out front to play baseball. I was able to get a couple of action shots. Elias makes pretty consistent contact with the ball, and loves playing.

P1180331 P1180357Simon is just happy to be a part of anything that Elias is doing. He runs around and gathers the balls.

P1180344When dusk hit, the fireworks started in full force. Elias was really bothered by the noise so I took him inside. The noise was still really bothering him even inside so I suggested that he watch a movie to help distract him. He chose Frozen and we had no more tears.

Simon was a big fireworks fan. He just sat on my Dad’s lap, and then mine taking it all in. He watched, pointed, and said, “Wow!” and “Woah” for the entire hour or so that they were going off.

What a fun day!

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Stamping Fun!

A few days ago, I told Elias that it was time to make a birthday card for his friend Ramsey. I gave him a few options for art supplies he could use. He chose stamps. We hadn’t gotten out the stamps in awhile, and Simon has never been allowed to try the stamps so I thought that it was an excellent idea.

I got out all of the materials, and stepped back a bit to watch.

Elias chose the train stamp because Ramsey loves trains. He went pounding away from ink to paper. Simon watched a bit. He put a few stamps in his mouth. He dug his fingers in the ink pad. And he watched Elias.

Elias noticed Simon watching him and being unsuccessful with the stamps. So Elias took it upon himself to teach Simon about the stamps. It was one of the most touching moments I have witnessed between the two. Elias showed Simon how to use the rubber side. He showed him how to press it on the ink, how to press it on the paper, and how to lift your hand way up in the air when you are done. I, of course, snapped a bunch of pictures.

Simon was not much more successful after Elias’ lessons. But that is not what is important here. It’s the thought that counts. What fun!

P1180203 P1180201 P1180202

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They Can Have Fun Anywhere

The other day I was starting a load of laundry in the washer. As usual when I am trying to get chores done, I realized it was way too quiet, and went to investigate. The boys had gone into our coat closet and started messing around. They were having the time of their lives in that little cubby corner. The storage area was never super neat. But they certainly did a number on it. I had everything at least somewhat organized before they got their hands on it. Look how proud they are of their mess!

P1180229 P1180234

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Fathers Day Tradition!

Last week we had a great Fathers Day, but the celebration wasn’t complete until today when we went on our annual Fathers Day swim. I had Nathan choose a Fathers Day tradition in Elias’ first year. He chose to go swimming at the pool. We’ve done it every year since. Last week, Nathan had a double header softball game and we had a church picnic so we couldn’t go swimming. Today it was!


We really had a blast swimming today. The swimming lessons have really been paying off! Elias was underwater practically the whole time. He wanted to practice floats, jump off the side, and go down the big slide! Simon loved the slide as well. He kept pointing at the slide and saying “side! side! side!” We went to Conestoga Rec. Center, which has a warmer temperature pool which also made it a lot of fun. We had to be kicked out at the end of open swim rather than leaving on our own like usual.

When we got home, it was dinner time, and both the boys were super tired. I put on our Disneyland sing along movie for them to watch while I made dinner. The looks on their faces are kind of scary…it’s why they don’t watch too much t.v. But a little bit can be fun. Poor Elias opened his eyes underwater so much that they were really bothering him from the chlorine. Hopefully they are good as new tomorrow!


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