Birthdays Galore!

Today we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate two birthdays! We loaded up swimsuits and towels and headed off to the Wings and Waves water park pretty early this morning. We had never been there, but my mom really wanted to go to celebrate her birthday. We met grandma, grandpa, uncle scott, auntie kristy, and uncle greg. Nathan looked longingly at the aviation museum as we passed by, but today was for swimming! We can always go back again. The water park is indoors and has four really fun slides for adults. Because it is winter and probably because it is a holiday weekend, the place was not very crowded. Elias loved playing amongst the fountains meant for the little kids. He also loved the tiny water slides. The only hitch in the whole time there was that Elias got so cold. We took a break in the middle to warm him up and give him a snack, but he still got pretty cold again after that.

After the water park we headed to my parents’ house to have leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch and watch the civil war game. Birthday party number one was a big success!

After dinner we headed over to celebrate one of Nate’s friends birthdays. Elias got to play with a playmate (and even got a few more hugs and kisses from Meira!). We got to catch up with some people we hadn’t seen for a long time, and some others that we are lucky enough to see more frequently.

Needless to say Elias was very tuckered out and is now sleeping peacefully.

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