Saturday Morning Zoo

Today Nathan went with my brother, Greg, to the Evergreen Aviation Museum for some bro-time. Being a pilot, Greg naturally is interested in that kind of stuff. Nathan went once before with his dad, and has wanted to go again ever since.

I was left to play with Elias, but since it was such a beautiful morning, I decided we’d go to the zoo. We hadn’t been (except for our five zoo lights trips) since November. The zoo was a lot more crowded than I had anticipated. I guess a lot of people were itching to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

We got to see the leopards up really close as well as the cheetahs! Both cheetahs actually bared their teeth at us…I don’t know if it was supposed to be a warning or a greeting…The cheetahs actually have such large, friendly eyes that it’s hard to imagine them hunting and killing. Elias had a lot of fun on our morning zoo trip. Here are some pictures with details in the captions:

One of the leopards came right up to the window and sat there grooming for a long time. The other just layed around. I liked this one...such a regal pose.

Elias enjoyed the ape house. We got to watch an orangutan make a bed for itself with blankets, and lots of the other apes were looking out at us.

Elias had this look on his face a lot of the time we were in the ape exhibits. I kept laughing because it is so funny. He was either very amazed or very scared...he liked watching them swing and climb on the fence.

One of the cheetahs...such big eyes.

When we got home, Elias immediately ran into his room, opened his sock drawer, got out a pair of socks, and put this one in his mouth. He had it in there for a good 10 minutes or so. He thought he was so funny. He kept coming up to me and making sure that I saw it...then he laughed and laughed. What a silly boy.

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