Birthday Weekend in Sunriver

This weekend was my Dad’s birthday. We chose to celebrate by packing up the whole Bartle/Smith clan and heading over to Sunriver for the long weekend. With everyone living in one house, it was cozy and fun. A bit of snow provided some extra fun for Elias…but mostly he just loved being able to interact with everyone all the time. He mostly went back and forth between Grandpa and Grandma. Occasionally he wanted to play with Uncle Greg, Uncle Scott, or Auntie Kristy. Don’t worry…he’d come to Nathan or I as well…if he needed a diaper change….just kidding. It was nice to have so many extra hands, though. I normally don’t get to have so much relaxation!

Anyway, Friday morning Elias and I rode down with my parents and Uncle Greg. Nathan had to stay and work. When we got there, the driveway was packed with snow! So we unpacked, and headed out to play/shovel.

Elias helping Grandpa shovel the driveway.

Grandma and Elias playing in the snow.

Elias loved walking around and sledding, but he did sit in the snow a few times.

Elias loved being pulled on the sled. He kept asking for more and more. Once his cheeks got so pink, though, we took him inside.

Kristy and Scott arrived Friday evening. Then on Saturday, we did a lot more playing! We walked to the park, and played around the house some more. We had to shovel enough driveway for two cars to fit! We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with a steak dinner. Then, Nathan finally arrived safely around 7 pm. He had gone to a reunion reception for Multnomah.

Shoveling was a whole family effort.

Uncle Scott pulls Elias on the sled.

Uncles Scott and Greg prove that you are never too old for the tire swing.

Elias loved playing on the slide.

Elias also loved sitting on the big merry-go-round with Uncle Greg.

Sunday was Grandpa’s actual birthday. We played in the snow a bit more, and went to look around the village mall. Kristy and Scott had to head home, but the rest of us had Monday off! There’s nothing quite like a relaxing weekend with family. It’s so fun to watch Elias interacting with his grandparents and uncles/aunties.

Elias' footprints were so cute. They were so small and close together. You can see most of Nathan's bootprint in the upper left corner for a comparison.

Here is a family shot.

On a sled run with Grandpa. You can't really tell from the picture, but they were moving while I snapped the shot!

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  1. Linda says:

    It was the most perfect weekend! Grandma and Grandpa love getting to spend time with the whole family together!

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