Child Carrier Backpack

Getting the pack all adjusted in the parking lot

Nathan and I have wanted to get a child carrier backpack for some time now. We want to be able to go hiking and get outdoors when the weather gets nice without having to worry about Elias wandering off the path or getting poison oak or something. There will be plenty of time for him to walk on his own. For now, we’ll get more hiking done if he rides.

We were lucky enough to get a nice backpack on clearance. It was still a bit spendy so that will give us incentive to actually use it a lot. Hopefully it will last through multiple possible future children as well. We decided that yesterday was a perfect time to go for a trial run. We want Elias to get used to it, and we want to figure out how best to comfortably wear it…that sort of thing.

Daddy gets a turn.

The Tualatin Hills Nature Park was the closest place I could think of to test out our backpack. We drove there and spent a little time walking through the trees. Elias loved it! I think at first he thought we were just being silly, but then when he realized that he really did get to ride in there for an extended time he just enjoyed himself, the scenery, and the sounds. (Lots of birds and some MAX trains).

Here are a couple more pictures just for fun:

Nathan made me do this. I think I just look too relaxed to make it look convincing....

Elias enjoying the walk in the back pack.




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  1. janet Roth says:

    We went through two child carrier backpacks (preceded by a Snugli!) and I think they were my favorite baby/ child things. Jon rode in the backpack until he was about 40 lbs and could get out of the two seat-belty things (he must have been between 3 and 4 years old.)

    I wish you the great joy of all the adventures you will be able to have now!

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