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More Fun With Cousins

Elias got to have more fun with his cousins this week. They were back in town for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We’re really hoping their house sells soon so that they can move out to the Northwest more permanently! It … Continue reading

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Seize the Moment

Sometimes you have to just seize the moment. It’s something I’m trying to do more and more often as a parent. I like structure as much as anyone else, and I think it’s healthy for kids, so I try to … Continue reading

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Caught In The Act!

Sometimes I put Elias in his room to play so that I can shower. We have a baby gate that goes across his doorway so that he stays in the “safe zone.” No cats, no breakables or chokeables…you get the … Continue reading

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Still Got It

On Saturday evening during a break in the weather, we decided to take advantage of our luck and go play at the park. I’ve been a couple times with Elias now that spring has arrived, but Nathan hadn’t really gotten … Continue reading

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At the Oregon Historical Society

We had nothing planned for this weekend, so Kim and I agreed we had to tackle one of our bucket list items. Sadly after a week of mostly-sunny weather, it is raining today. Much of our list is comprised of … Continue reading

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Elias does chores!

I’ve talked about Elias helping me with chores before…such as unloading the dishwasher or doing laundry. Today I think he did his first official chore all by himself. We were playing with his tool bench when I heard the washer … Continue reading

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One Proud Momma/Teacher

Before my son was born, I had a lot of ideas about how things would go. I can go back now and just laugh at myself. Oh how naive I was! But I really did have hopes about how things … Continue reading

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Taking in the Northwest

This morning was crisp and clear…such a beautiful morning in the northwest. I thought I’d take Elias to the Oregon Zoo to see some animals and get some fresh air. I bundled us up…because the sun doesn’t bring warmth this … Continue reading

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Daddy Time

Elias is loving his Daddy more and more every day. “Daddy” is one of the first things Elias always says in the morning when he wakes up. I get sad on work days when I have to tell him that … Continue reading

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Elias has been so lucky to be able to play with his cousins for the last two days. Cousins Audrey and Sonya as well as Auntie Erin are visiting from New York. Elias has only gotten to spend time with … Continue reading

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