This Is How He Wakes Up

Elias rubs his eyes just after waking up from his nap.

I want to remember the little things. Of course I want to remember all the milestones for Elias such as when he started walking…or his first word…things like that. But I want to remember the little things too. I want to remember the way he strokes my face as he is falling asleep and the way he says “my-nee” when referring to the cat. I want to remember the way his lips pucker out when he says “uh-oooohhhhh” and the way he stands hanging over the railing when looking into the wetlands.

Elias is still pretty tired in this shot. He's not chatty or smiley when he wakes up. He just takes it all in...and enjoys a quick snack before getting on with his day.

So yesterday when Elias woke up from his nap, I decided to catch some of it on the camera. His warm, soft, pink cheeks. His slightly messy hair. His somewhat sad expression. The way he rubs his eyes. I want to remember it all. Sometimes just snapping a picture helps me to look closer with my own eyes/ears/heart too. It’s that intentional action that helps me to really pay attention. I hope I remember it all.

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  1. Lahlae says:

    ha, he takes after his mom for sure…you know, the not chatty part….:)

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