First Tricycle Ride!

Speaking of mildly spoiling grandparents, Grandma Smith has done some of her own this past weekend. (Read the baseball post just before this one if you are confused). Nathan’s mom had asked us what we thought about her buying a tricycle for Elias’ 2nd birthday. We thought it was a fun idea. But I was surprised when we invited over for a Saturday evening dinner, and she showed up with a tricycle so soon! Elias got his birthday present over two months early so that he’ll be able to enjoy it during the summer months. It is a classic radio flyer tricycle with a bell and everything. (Elias promptly figured out how to ring it).

Last night we had to spend the last few minutes before bed time buying a helmet so he didn’t have much of a chance to try it out. Today after church, we took it outside and gave it a try. Here you can watch him on his first trike ride:


After awhile, Elias got off and pushed his tricycle around. He definitely moved faster that way. But I’m sure before long we’ll be chasing after him as he rides it. Then, Elias got back on his trike to ride home. He was quite resistant to the helmet at first, but here you can see him getting a bit more used to it:


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