A Chip Off The Ol’ Block

In many things, Elias is just like his Daddy. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as the saying goes in Nathan’s family.

So I thought many of you (especially those of you who knew Nathan as a child) would particularly enjoy this short story.

When Nathan was little, he liked to experiment. He liked to figure out how things worked. There are stories of his mom nearly having a heart attack when she’d find him having taken apart things like the computer…parts strewn around…just to figure out how it was put together. How it worked. And then there was the time he boiled his toothbrush so that he could twist it into new shapes.

Now Elias…has a similar experimenting state of mind even at this young age. Recently, he has taken an interest in spoons, and seeing what he can do with them. Early today when I was making our lunch, he was playing with a spoon, trying to figure out where he could balance it, fit it, hide it, etc. Then, one time when I opened the fridge, a spoon which he had wedged in between the doors dropped out. Upon hearing the clatter, he immediately ran into the kitchen and proceeded to wedge it back in there.

He displayed his spoon skills again and again all day. Around dinner time, his Daddy and I were laughing about it when we spotted the spoon once again wedged in the fridge. I took a picture to help me remember the cuteness, but also to share the story with others who might find it enjoyable.

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