Angel Takes On Darth Vader

Here is a moment I hope I never forget….

Nathan got Elias some toddler Star Wars action figures for his birthday. Elias can name them all. He’s got yoda, boba fett, r2d2, chewbaca, a storm trooper, darth vader, and freepo (c3po). Anyway, the day that Elias opened them, he had fun lining them up and looking at them…but Nathan decided that they needed to have some light saber fights. So he pretended to have two of them fight, and then one flew off into the distance while the other was the victor.

Elias, as you can imagine, picked up on that instantly. He started having his star wars people “fight” too…which really just meant he clapped them together and then let them go off in opposite directions.

Then, one time a few days later during play, I told Elias that they should kiss and make up. So I went and got the two star wars people and had them kiss and make up. Well…somehow it turned into a little ritual for him. Elias now has his star wars people first kiss, then fight. He thinks it is quite fun and funny.

Since there are seven star wars figures, someone usually gets left out…they kiss and fight in pairs, you know….sometimes one of them gets to go twice. Yesterday, Darth Vader was the odd man out. I asked Elias, “Who is going to kiss and fight Darth Vader?” Elias looked around for a long time, then ran over to his nativity play set, grabbed the angel, and said, “angel.”

I had my own private little giggle fit as Elias had the angel kiss Darth Vader (“MMMMMMMM-TWAH” is the sound he makes for the kiss). Then they “fought” and it was quite fun to watch.

I don’t know if anyone else will think it is funny, or if I even told the story well….but it will stick in my mind for a long while…hopefully forever.

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