Christ The King Sunday

Elias posing proudly with the wreath he made. Well…he picked out all the stuff, and told me where to put most of it. I actually stuck the stuff together.

Today is Christ the King Sunday. The final Sunday in Pentecost, the last Sunday in the liturgical year, the day where we recognize Christ as King and Lord over our lives, and celebrate it! This I knew, and I was excited to go to church and celebrate and worship. I was so glad that there is a day set aside to fully recognize that our true allegiance does not lie anywhere on earth, but rather in a different sort of Kingdom. It’s so easy to get caught up in secular problems…especially after the recent election. But “render under to Caesar” as Jesus so wisely put it.

But I was especially delighted to learn about the origins of Christ the King Sunday today. It is a relatively recent addition to the church year. Pope Pius the XI instituted the idea in 1925 as nationalism and secularism was rising with Mussolini’s power. I love how “in your face” it is. Declaring a day in the church year to celebrate the greatest power, the greatest King, the greatest leader…..Jesus…and no one on earth could ever hope to match Him. I wish the church would do such things more often.

Elias coloring with Ellie, a college student at our church.

Anyway….Elias and I had a fun time at church. (Nathan went Steel head fishing with my brother on the Nehalem river). We arrived at 9:00 for a fun inter-generational event. Elias got to make an advent wreath with real greens! He got to color some Jesse Tree ornaments, and decorate some cards that will go in food baskets this Christmas.

Elias as usual cried when I tried to take him to the church nursery. I had to practically drag him down the stairs while carrying a bazillion things. Pretty much the entire choir was watching (don’t worry… many people offered help). He screamed and tried to run out the door and dripped tears, drool and snot everywhere as usual when I left. Then two minutes later when I peeked in the window he was playing happily and smiling and laughing. It’s all so dramatic.

Then, as usual, I went and picked him up to join me for communion. He ate “the bread” and sang “Crown Him With Many Crowns” in his cute little voice. It was a good morning!

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