Happy Thanksgiving ! (#2)

Nathan carving the turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our second Thanksgiving celebration today on the “real” Thanksgiving. Elias had a nice surprise this morning because Daddy was home. We relaxed and played together, but then the work had to begin. We got to host a Thanksgiving meal at our house this time!

I baked a pumpkin pie in the late morning. I just found out a couple weeks ago that Nathan even likes pumpkin pie. I don’t know why he never told me before. I also baked a yummy green bean dish in the morning which would be reheated later just before dinner.

Elias and Nana reading the comics.

Nana came over to play around 11:00. Elias had lots of fun playing with her. Nathan and I prepped the turkey just before nap time, and got it in the oven just after Elias fell asleep. Then we had a few quiet hours of relaxation and good smells as the turkey roasted and Elias rested.

We had a very yummy meal with good company and an overabundance of food! (Elias, of course, refused to try any of the good food and ate a bit of cheese quesadilla instead.) After dinner, we all played some more. Elias enjoyed reading the comics with Nana.

It’s bad lighting because we all just wanted to start eating….but I snapped this photo of Nathan, the head of the house, at our Thanksgiving meal.

The day went by very quickly, and I am now exhausted. We have much to be thankful for.

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