My Boys Know How To Have Fun!

Well, sickness has now fully overtaken our household. It got Elias first at the beginning of the week. I was next to succumb. And finally, Nathan admitted that he is feeling the bug in his body. Needless to say…we have spent a lot of time indoors this week. We’ve had to cancel on lots of play dates and errands and rehearsals other such fun events. But the good news is that it is definitely on its way out! Good riddance!

The boys with their block tower. Actually, it got taller than this, but I couldn’t get a picture of Elias next to it before he knocked it over.

But my boys know how to have fun indoors. On a stormy Saturday where we don’t feel tip top, we still managed to have some great family fun today. Elias and Nathan built enormous block towers and duplo houses. They wrestled and rough housed a bit. Elias likes to have Nathan “squeeze” him against the couch so they did that a few times…and they played the “upside down” game where they lay on the floor and throw balls up in the air. Elias even got a Thanksgiving card in the mail from Nana complete with stickers! I tried to read the card to Elias, but he snatched it and threw it aside so that I would help him open the stickers instead.

Then for dinner, I made homemade chili and we watched the Ducks game. (One of our bucket list items). I had never made homemade chili before, but it turned out pretty tasty. Nana came over to visit as well in the evening. Here are some pictures of my boys:

Elias getting squeezed…something he requested many times today.

Here is the game Elias calls “upside down”

Elias wrestling Daddy.

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