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Children’s Museum Adventures

I took Elias to the Children’s Museum a few weeks ago for the first time after a long summer hiatus. He loved it so much, that we just had to go back this week too. It was amazing to see … Continue reading

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27 Weeks and Counting….You Know You’re In Your Third Trimester When….

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester of my pregnancy. I know how uncomfortable things get from previous experience so I am trying to just enjoy my semi-comfort now. But when people ask me how I am feeling…I definitely … Continue reading

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Beautiful Autumn

As I was looking through some pictures of Elias from last fall, I realized that we have not been outdoors nearly as much this year. So…when Elias woke up early from his nap on Monday, and it wasn’t raining, I … Continue reading

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Doggy Boogers and Diaper Changes

At Elias’ last doctor appointment, his pediatrician recommended that we get a baby doll to have around as one of the things to help prepare Elias for his little brother. In fact, we had already bought a baby doll for … Continue reading

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