Zoo Lights #1

Elias and Daddy stand in front of the dragon at Zoo Lights!

We had some beautiful, relatively cold, yet dry weather today. Therefore, Nathan and I thought it would be fun to make our first annual trip to see zoo lights at the Oregon Zoo. We got there shortly before opening, and man…it was crowded! I guess it is still opening weekend.

Zoo lights this year was a completely different experience than last year. Last year Elias had only been walking for a short time and was still very

Elias looking on in wonder at the displays on the green. Here he is watching the elephants.

unstable…especially at the zoo on rough pavement with tons of hills. He looked at the lights a bit last year, but it was nothing compared to this year.

Elias had a blast! He constantly shouted out the colors of lights he was seeing, and the animals he spotted. He said things like “amazing” and “wow” which melted my heart. He especially loved the display with the baby and mama elephants squirting water.

Afterward when we got in the car, he was reciting all the colors of lights he remembered seeing. It was so fun to see his awe and wonder and excitement. We can’t wait to go again.

A couple more picture from our visit:

Elias helped take this picture of a cool light display.

Elias watching the carousel lights.

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