Today was a day of rehearsals! In the morning, Grandpa Smith babysat Elias while Mommy and Daddy went to a bell choir rehearsal at church. It sounds like they had lots of fun together from what we found when we got back! Elias has also started saying “Grandpa Smith!” when he sees pictures or ornaments of Santa instead of saying “St. Nick!” I think that is pretty cute.

Then in the afternoon, Elias had a Christmas Pageant rehearsal to attend. We were unsure if we were going to take him to the rehearsal because it meant missing nap time. But…since he is a bit on the shy side, we thought it would be good for him to have some orientation (so to speak) to what is going to happen on Christmas Eve during the pageant. The first run through was a bit rough. He pretty much just wanted to sit on mine or Nathan’s lap, and wanted nothing to do with the other kids.

However, after the first run through, all the kids went downstairs to get their costumes. Elias was thrilled to try out his angel costume. The entire rest of the day (even during the bed time routine) he was saying “Elias got dressed.” I guess that is how his mind interprets wearing the costume.

During the second run through of the pageant, with costumes, Elias did much better. He stayed with the angels, and even stood up on stage for his song. But…he really took an attachment to one of the teenage girls who was helping out with the little ones. He followed her everywhere…even when she went on stage to do a reading. It was cute and funny…and I wish I had a video to show him some day.

Even thought Elias knows the song “Away in a Manger” and he practices the hand motions often at home, he pretty much just stood there during the practice. We’ll see what happens on Monday. For now, we have one tired boy who survived a day with no nap!

We look forward to spending one more day with Grandpa Smith!

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