Christmas Eve

We’ve had a lot of fun with family over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the Smith household is ready to get back to the ol’ routine.

We spent Christmas Eve with Nana! She arrived in the morning, and stayed to play until nap time. Then, we met back up again at the Christmas Eve service at our church, complete with Christmas Pageant! After that, we went to Nana’s house for the Smith family tradition of Christmas burritos (or quessadillas if you are Elias). It was a great day! Here it is in pictures:

Elias and Nana looking at the Dove ornament he painted for her.

Elias and Nana playing with the pattern shapes she got him for Christmas.

Elias all dressed in his angel costume…waiting for the big show. Actually, Elias got nervous while waiting and ended up not having a very good time. He unhappily sat with the other angels during the pageant, and unhappily stayed on stage during his song. I’m glad he participated, but felt bad that it caused him anxiety. He is only 2 after all. Maybe next year he’ll like it better!

A family shot after the service

Ama and Baba came to see Elias in his pageant.

You can just see Elias thinking…”Really? Again?” We wanted family pictures with everyone…or at least I did.

Eating our Christmas burritos around the advent wreath at Nana’s house.

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