Fun With Grandpa Smith

Elias having fun on his tricycle.

Now that sickness has pretty much left our household, we’ve been able to get out, have some fun, and enjoy Grandpa Smith’s visit a bit more. Thursday we pretty much took it easy in order to let everyone get rested and well, but Friday we were ready for some fun.

Friday morning we met Ama and Baba for breakfast at IHOP because they wanted to be sure to see Grandpa Smith while he was in town. Elias was a bit grumpy at first, but warmed up after we got him some toast to munch on.

The boys out on our walk.

In the afternoon, the sun actually showed its face, so we went out for a spin to show off Elias’ skills on his trike for Grandpa Smith. He has a bit of trouble steering, and almost gave up on the adventure after he tipped over once, but for the most part, he had tons of fun. It’s quite back breaking for Mommy and Daddy who have to lean over and push…Elias doesn’t quite have the ability to propel himself yet. But he keeps his feet on the pedals and is getting the hang of it quite nicely!

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