EliasBecause of that darn c-section I am unable to lift anything heavier than Simon for 6 weeks or so. This includes Elias. Unfortunately, he has a very hard time understanding this. We’ve had to teach him how to climb onto the changing table himself (we may regret this later…). The hardest part, though, is when he needs to be comforted and I can’t pick him up. I’ve tried cuddling him on the floor, but it’s just not the same.

SimonI had thought that his requests to be picked up were just part of his every day routine, but the other day I had some insight that made me think he may feel left out or jealous a bit. Elias told his Daddy that “Mommy snuggles Simon.” I realized that I never explained to Elias why I can hold Simon all the time. I only tried to explain why I couldn’t hold Elias.

I’ve made an effort to snuggle Elias in the rocking chair where he can climb himself, or on the couch. He has seemed to treasure those times as much as me. All I know is that I love both my boys. But the first thing I’m going to do when the doctor gives me clearance is pick up Elias and hold him tight.

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