A Day Off

Last Saturday both Nathan and I were working. It was my last day of summer school. I was writing student evaluations and celebrating all the hard work. Nathan actually worked about 65 hours last week including going in to work at 3:30 am on Saturday morning! He got some unofficial comp time, and decided to take the day off today. We had a blast just being together for some down time after last month which was so crazy. What did we do? We decided to check some items off of our summer bucket list.

After a lazy morning, we headed down town with a picnic lunch. We walked along the waterfront, and found a nice place to sit down and eat. We even got to see the Hawthorne bridge lift!

P1130707 P1130709Next, we walked to VooDoo Donut. Neither of us had ever been there so we thought we should check it out. We had to wait in a relatively long line for a donut place. But it was fun and worth the wait. Simon got in a nap while we were waiting. In this picture, you can see Elias planning out the rest of his afternoon. His thumb was for tricycle riding, and his pointer finger was for bat and ball.

P1130710After getting the donuts and driving home, we played together a bit inside. Simon was reaching for the donut box big time so I thought I would have Nathan take a picture of it. When he got the camera out, though, Simon became more interested in the camera.

P1130712Here I am having fun with the boys.

P1130719I got a few chores done while Nathan read to the boys. I came in to find Nathan nearly falling asleep as he was reading. It was quite comical. He kept saying the wrong words and slurring off into oblivion. For example he was reading a page about seahorses at one point, and said, “The seashore swims u…….” My laughter woke him up, though. It was funny to watch Simon struggling to get the book, Elias listening to the book, and Nathan nodding off.

P1130722Since Nathan was having trouble staying awake, I suggested we go outside for a bit. Elias rode his tricycle to the park, and we put Simon in the stroller. We had fun swinging and running around in the grass.

Finally, we came home and I cooked some Texas Casserole for dinner. Here is Simon playing while the casserole baked…he’s trying to show that he’s ready for real food. (He really is showing a lot of interest in food…one time he even managed to get some lettuce from my sandwich into his mouth…but we’re waiting until he is six months, or he can sit up on his own before we start him on solids….whichever is later.)

P1130724It was a wonderful day together! Now we only have a two day week, and then it’s the real weekend!

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