On The Move

Well, it’s official. Simon is on the move. He is five months old, and can’t sit up on his own yet, but he can move. He doesn’t always move in the direction he is intending to go. He doesn’t move fast. But he is definitely slow and steady. I set him down on a blanket with a bunch of baby safe toys, and in a matter of minutes he is completely across the room after a ball or a baseball card or a cat or whatever else has caught his fancy. This has meant a few changes to all of our lives:

Elias trying to decide what to do with his new playmate

Elias trying to decide what to do with his new playmate

1. Playing together. Now that Simon can move, he almost definitely wants to be where Elias is playing. No matter how far away I set him down, he makes his way over to Elias and gets in on the action. Elias is still unsure about how to react to this new development. Sometimes he just sits there looking a bit nervous. Sometimes he picks up and moves away. Sometimes he offers to play with Simon. Earlier today Elias was playing with his blocks, building a wall. Simon came over and knocked it down, then proceeded to put block after block in his mouth. Elias said, “One for me, one for Simon, one for me, one for Simon,” and made two separate piles for them to play with. I was so proud of him. Other times Elias mimics things I have said. Earlier this evening, Elias was playing with his baseball cards, and Simon scooted over to look. Simon took a big handful of them and immediately put them in his mouth. Elias said, “Those aren’t for your mouth, Simon.”

2. Nothing is safe. When Elias was this age (actually he wasn’t moving like this until 8 months or so….) we didn’t have toys that were unsafe for him. Some of Elias’ toys have chokable pieces so it is difficult to keep Simon safe. I have to have eagle eyes, and I am teaching Elias how to watch out for his little brother as well.

3. Everything is new and exciting. It’s so fun to watch Simon with his new found freedom. He is so inquisitive and excited about everything. It gets me interested in the world around me all over again.

Earlier this afternoon, Simon was napping on my bed. He had been asleep for quite a while, and I knew he was starting to stir so I figured it would be ok if I rummaged around in the closet for something I needed. Pretty soon, I was greeted with this sight:

P1130638Simon popped his little head up above the pillow I had used to ensure he wouldn’t roll off the bed. He woke up so happy! Then he proceeded to try to climb over the pillow to get to me….I guess I won’t be using that technique anymore. Here he is:

P1130648 P1130642He brings us so much joy. I know his mobility is extremely limited right now compared to what it will be. But this phase will be so short in the grand scheme of things. I’m just trying to enjoy every second.

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