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He’s Alarmingly Mobile

Simon is alarmingly mobile. Tomorrow he’ll be five months old. He can’t sit up yet. But he can roll over in both directions and scoots himself slowly across the floor. Usually he moves backwards, but occasionally he is able to … Continue reading

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My 29th Birthday

Last weekend was my 29th birthday. We packed up and went off to Sunriver. Ama and Baba came too! The whole weekend was fun, but I had an especially good birthday. My family was there. The weather was good. We … Continue reading

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Before and After

I am pretty embarrassed to put this picture on display. But it is a good illustration not only of what my kitchen looked like after working for a week and taking care of two young children…but it represents what life … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m underwater…and I’m running out of oxygen. I know I’ll come up for air…but it won’t be for three more weeks. I absolutely love teaching summer school, but it is making me feel like … Continue reading

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