Elias the 3 Year Old

Elias is 3 years old today. I can hardly believe it. Three just sounds so big. Where has the time gone? Nathan and I were realizing at dinner tonight that we have been parents for more than 10%  of our lives. It doesn’t seem that long at all!

Elias is very proud to be three. He’s been saying for weeks: “After my birthday, I be three!” Today when he woke up we talked about it being his birthday, and he said, “I’m three!”

Our celebrations actually began on Friday evening when Elias helped me bake cookies for one of his birthday celebrations. He added sprinkles and decorations to my good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies, and he said, “Mommy you better take a picture of me.”

P1140989Saturday morning he went to sports class, and then we spent the afternoon preparing for my family to come over. (Well…Ama and Baba and Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy). We put up some decorations and prepared a bit of food. Elias requested a baseball party with chocolate cupcakes. I’m not sure why he requested chocolate cupcakes…he doesn’t eat them. In fact, he doesn’t really eat any sweets except for graham crackers and plain milk chocolate. So I made up a fun dessert activity. I wanted him to eat something special on his birthday!

P1140992 P1140993Elias really likes balloons so I purchased a couple for him…although I felt a bit guilty for using up the helium. The joy on his face was fun to see nonetheless. Here he is very anxious for my parents and his aunt and uncle to arrive.

P1140996We ate dinner, opened presents and watched the annual slideshow together.

P1150022Then it was time for dessert. After everyone left, I asked Elias what his favorite part of the party was. His response? “When everyone sing the song.” When we sang happy birthday, Elias face just lit up. It was quite fun to see.

P1150024We ended the evening with a bit of play. No good party ends without some good sword fighting. Elias got in some sword fights with Baba, Uncle Scott, and Daddy. Uncle Scott left his “swords” here by accident so we’ve gotten the joy of sword fighting each day since then as well.

P1150031Sunday morning we went to church and Elias got a special birthday blessing from Father Jeff. When we got home he played a bit with his new toys. Unfortunately, Nana is sick so we will have to celebrate with her another day.

P1150033This morning Elias woke up on his big day! We started out by going to art class. Actually, I felt sad because he was screaming and crying that he didn’t want to go to art class and that we had to go to Ama and Baba’s. I forced him in the car and drove him to class. As soon as he saw the building, he was happy as anything, and talking about which activities he wanted to do first. He was super excited to see teacher Selene, and even gave her a hug!

After art class we ran a couple of errands to the post office and the library…boring, I know for a birthday, but it had to be done. When we got home, we spent the rest of the day playing inside. Elias even took a nap which was pretty amazing. (Although Simon did not nap due to teething. The universe is plotting against me).

Daddy had to come home late, but when he got home, we gave Elias a couple presents of our own.

P1150052The boys had fun playing together with the train set. We got him a bunch of new pieces to go along with what he had, and some art stencils which we’ll hopefully try out tomorrow.

P1150058Elias requested grilled cheese and life cereal for dinner. I wanted to try to get a picture of Elias on his third birthday. He had something different in mind than I did. He just wanted to make funny faces at the camera. We had quite a bit of fun taking the pictures. Here are a couple of cute pictures of my silly (three year old) boy.

P1150067 P1150076

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