Indiana: Part I – Indianapolis

We recently returned from another great Indiana adventure. We have so much family in the mid-west now. Our trip was almost too busy. We definitely ran the boys ragged. Simon is still a bit sick, and Elias was more tired than normal.

The boys did pretty well on the flight from Portland to Chicago. Elias is old enough to realize what an airplane is, what it does, where it goes…etc. So he was quite afraid at first. He refused to go down the jet way. Nathan had already taken our car seats and carry-on bags down the jet way so I was stuck trying to get both boys on the plane. Luckily a nice lady offered me help! After the initial nervousness, though, the flight went pretty smoothly. Once in Chicago, we got our rental car and drove down to Indiana. We were super excited to see Grandpa. The boys bonded by watching a bit of a Dodgers game before bedtime:

P1140466The next morning, we drove down to Indianapolis to meet Greg and Shaina for the day. We went to Eagle Creek Park which is one of the largest city parks in the U.S. It was an amazing park, and I was so excited to see Greg after so long!

P1140474 P1140482 P1140484After a picnic lunch, we went over to one of the play grounds. Elias was introduced to a merry-go-round. He loved that thing! He loved it so much that he ran over and jumped on, joining a whole group of kids already on it. I was shocked and amazed. It was so uncharacteristic of him, but I had fun watching him spin around with the other kids.

P1140503Here are Daddy and Grandpa watching the merry-go-round fun!

P1140505After awhile we went to a different location in the park. Elias and Uncle Greg enjoyed playing fishing together among other things.


We finished the evening by going out to dinner. The day went way too fast, but I’m glad we got the opportunity to see Greg and Shaina while we were in the mid-west!

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