Indiana: Part II – Family Time

The second phase of our trip to Indiana was full of family time. Nathan has a lot of family over there. On Labor Day we all gathered at Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb’s house for a big barbeque. One of Nathan’s cousins came with her children. Great Grandma was there too! Elias had a lot of fun playing with his cousins. He especially loved the marbleworks.

P1140553Then a lot of the kiddos went outside with Nathan and Uncle Dave to play baseball. Simon and I went to watch. Elias had fun chasing after stray balls.

P1140562 P1140577Cousin Josiah had a lot of love for my boys.

P1140589 P1140593Then we went back inside, and Simon got to hang out with Grandpa and Great Grandma.

P1140595 P1140605Tuesday was our only low key day of the trip. We got to stay at Grandpa’s house and play with the exception of a small grocery store trip and a trip to the park to play on another merry-go-round. Actually, Elias had quite a few adventures at the park. There were a TON of cool slides, and he tried them all!

P1140616 P1140623 P1140642Then on Wednesday it was back to Uncle Dave, Aunt Barb, and Great Grandma. We didn’t have all the cousins, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless. Simon got to try out the jumper, and he absolutely loved it! I could hear his giggles from the other room.

P1140663We loved spending time with family!

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