Indiana: Part IV – Baseball

We just so happened to schedule our trip to Indiana and Ohio when the Dodgers were playing a series against the Reds in Cincinnati. So we had to catch a couple games! Nathan and his Dad have been to a few baseball games together, but never a Dodgers game so it was extra special.

The last time we went to a Reds game, they were playing the Braves so we were cheering for the Reds with the rest of them. This time, though, we brought our Dodger blue. I was a bit nervous about cheering for the visiting team. But Reds fans were very generous and good spirited. (There were quite a few Dodger fans too!)

Friday night we made it to Cincinnati in time for the first game of the series. I used some of my summer school earnings to get us some really nice seats on the first level right around third base. The game was so late, but we had a ton of fun. Both boys stayed up the entire time. We could not believe how either of them could still be awake…Simon especially! Here are some pictures from our game:

Grandpa and Simon at Simon's first MLB game, and first Dodgers game.

Grandpa and Simon at Simon’s first MLB game, and first Dodgers game.


I took about a hundred family pictures (ok maybe more like 20) and this was the best of the bunch. They are actually quite hilarious to look at. Elias and Nathan both are talented at funny facial expressions.


Our view during the game

On Saturday, we got to go to a day game. It was HOT so we were very lucky that this time, our seats were at the very top of the stadium…in the shade. I had to hike up and down the very steep steps about 8 times for diaper changes and food and other such things, but the shade was worth it! We had a beautiful view.

On Saturday, Nathan’s aunt and uncle and some other family members game to the game so we had a large Dodgers cheering section. Simon did fall asleep at this game so he missed out on some of the fun, but I was glad he finally got some rest!

Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost both games we were at. We’ll just have to go and see them again some time! Here are some pictures from Saturday’s game:


Our view

Simon was very happy when I took him down in a cooler part of the stadium to feed him.

Simon was very happy when I took him down in a cooler part of the stadium to feed him.


Uncle Dave with cousins Aaron, Sam, and Micah

Simon napping

Simon napping

Elias liked sitting on Aunt Barb's lap

Elias liked sitting on Aunt Barb’s lap

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