Simon – 7 Months

simon 11Simon is seven months old now, and he’s changing so fast. He now can do a real crawl rather than an army crawl. He’s pretty slow at it, but it is definitely more comfortable than the army crawl so he prefers it. Simon also pulls up on whatever he can these days. He pulls up to his knees…not his feet….but it lets him see into the couch where his brother his playing or reach a toy that is up high. Once Simon actually did pull up onto his feet using his brother’s car ramp toy. He promptly lost balance, fell all the way back the floor, and pulled the whole ramp on top of him. There were quite a few tears after that! In fact, Simon gets a number of bruises and scrapes because his sense of adventure and perseverance is more advanced than his balance and coordination.

boys 11Simon has also gotten to enjoy a few new things this month. Elias has really started to bond with Simon. Elias holds him. He hugs him. And they even take baths together in the big bath! Simon absolutely loves taking a bath in the big tub with Elias. He laughs and laughs every time Elias splashes. It is the most fun we’ve had in a long time watching them together. Simon still wants to be wherever Elias is. Most of the time Elias is pretty good with him, but occasionally he gets frustrated. “Mommy you pick up Simon!” is  phrase I hear when I know he has reached the end of his patience. I try to force Elias to play with Simon (or at least next to him) but sometimes Simon is very overbearing. He has taken toys out of Elias’ hands, crawled up onto Elias’ lap, knocked down his towers, and more! Simon has to start learning how to play as well I guess!

Unfortunately, Simon also has his first cold. It is a persistent little bug. He’s had a runny nose for 8 or so days now. If it persists much longer I will have to take him to the doctor!

We love Simon so much. He is such a joy.

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  1. Linda says:

    I can’t believe he’s really crawling. I am so excited to see him in action!

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