Simon’s Solid Food Adventures

P1140967We started Simon on solid foods a couple days after he turned six months old. Let’s just say the reception was luke warm. Tonight we decided to try something a little different…quinoa! Nathan or I had never had it either so it was new for everyone. Simon did not get particularly enthusiastic, but he did eat a tiny bit of it, and enjoyed feeling it in his hands. It’s a good start! (Now if only we could get Elias to try it too!) After putting some in his mouth a few times, P1140966and getting it all over his hands, arms, and bib, Simon decided to see what it would look like on the floor. Lovely. I’m glad he had some fun, though. The poor little guy has been sick for almost two weeks now!

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  1. Greg bartle says:

    Me and shaina love that quinoa. We dice up some green peppers and saute them and throw them in there to along with some salt and pepper. Its also reel good with some fish!

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