A Little Too Much Fun?

Today we had a lot of fun. Possibly a little too much fun. We filled our day to the brim, which was wonderful, but hard on poor Simon who got only two twenty or so minute naps and hardly any time to crawl around and play. I would never have dreamed of scheduling such a full day when Elias was this age, but I guess that is what happens to the poor second child.

We started out at Sunday School. Elias was super excited about it today. Nathan taught the grade 1-4 class, and I substituted for someone who was sick so Simon went in the nursery. Then we all went to church. We went home for a quick lunch, and then headed out to the pumpkin patch! Elias wanted the first pumpkin he saw, but we convinced him to look around a bit more. He was very excited about choosing pumpkins. Here is Elias next to his first choice:


And a family shot. Simon is sleeping on one of his short naps of the day:


Uncle Scott and Daddy had way too much fun while Elias chose his pumpkins:

P1150137Here is the last one Elias picked out. He had already chosen three so we told him that was enough, but he liked this one so well that he tried to lift it himself. We decided he could get it if it was for Simon…but we ended up with 74 total pounds of pumpkin…it’s a record for us.

P1150142Uncle Scott decided he needed to teach Elias the manly skill of pumpkin lifting.

P1150147Simon woke up just in time for a photo-op.

P1150155 P1150157After we purchased our pumpkins, Elias decided he wanted to ride the cow train. He specified that he wanted Baba to ride with him. Poor Baba probably has a bruise from trying to fit his long legs in there.

P1150170Next we headed off to Daddy’s softball game. Elias had a blast watching and cheering on the team for the first few innings. Then he decided he wanted to play a little baseball of his own. We are now practicing hitting pitched balls rather than hitting off the tee. The St. Juan Diego Screaming Eagles won 19-1. Great game!

P1150178 P1150183Nana met us at the game, and then took us out to Red Robin for dinner for Elias’ birthday. Then we headed to her house for a birthday celebration. Elias was very excited to open more presents. Simon was interested in them too…but you can see the look in Elias’ eyes here: “Hands off bozo!”

P1150184We forced Elias to be sung to before he could open presents.

P1150190Nana got Elias a marbleworks set among other things. He really loved it! Thanks Nana!

P1150201After much fun, it was time to go home. Poor Simon screamed the entire way home. When I went to get him out of his car seat his face was soaked with tears and he was just closing his eyes, fist in mouth, crying. Was it a little too much fun? Perhaps. But it was still a wonderful day. The boys are sleeping now…hopefully having good dreams.

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