Simon – 8 Months

P1150290Simon is 8 months old now. It is going by so fast. Too fast. Here is what he’s up to:

– Simon is beginning to actually enjoy eating solid foods. For awhile there he wasn’t too sure about the business of eating. His favorites seem to be pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots, although he also enjoys playing with green beans and spaghetti as he tries to get them in his mouth.

– Simon pulls up on everything! He is developing some balance while standing, but isn’t cruising along furniture yet. Just standing and standing and more standing.

– He eats everything he finds on the floor! It’s a bit scary. He choked on something yesterday, and it eventually made it down before we could sweep it out of his mouth. This morning it reappeared in his diaper…a huge 3D sticker of a construction vehicle that Elias had left on the floor! He also has eaten food that Elias has dropped on the floor, thread from my craft projects, paper, part of a luggage tag, and more. I really have to watch him because he is so fast! Elias put a lot of stuff in his mouth at this age…but didn’t try to eat it…so this is new.

– Simon has three teeth, with a fourth only hours away from breaking through.

– He crawls around everywhere, following Elias and I around all day. He gets behind the couch, into the drawers, under the table, and today he crawled up his first step!

– Simon will play with pretty much any toy, but has two birthday horns/noise makers that he really likes right now. He also loves balls and whatever Elias is trying to play with. Mostly whatever Elias is trying to play with.

– Simon loves to be tickled and wrestled…especially by big brother Elias. Parenting him is going to be so different from the first time around. Today at play group Simon got into tug-of-wars a couple of time with toys…something Elias has not done even to this day pretty much. He sat on one of his friends. He wants to be in the middle of everything.

– He is becoming more and more vocal. He imitates sounds that Elias makes. He “contributes” to our conversations. He makes sounds to get our attention. He says “mama” when he is upset. On a related note…he seems like he may be waving as well…but I’m not sure about that one.

– I will admit it…Simon has brown eyes. He is still mostly bald, but the hair seems to be growing in at a slightly faster rate now.

We are so blessed to have this boy in our lives.


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2 Responses to Simon – 8 Months

  1. Linda says:

    Simon has such a cute personality! I love to watch him grow and learn. He wants to be like his big brother!

  2. Steve says:

    The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree! Nathan was a human garbage disposal. He especially loved eating buttons and parts of electronic devices. One time a awoke from a nap to find him chewing on my leg. Hopefully Simon doesn’t exhibit any signs of cannibalism!

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