Surprise! (From Uncle Greg)

We received a surprise in the mail from Uncle Greg and Shaina today. When we got home from our morning outings, there were two boxes on our doorstep. One was quite large! I made Elias wait until Daddy was home to open them, but he was sure excited!

So this is for you, Uncle Greg, since you couldn’t see him open it in person:

Elias first opened some hot wheels cars. He was very excited about the “race cars.” I had to work hard to even convince him to open the big box! He wanted to play right away.

P1150214Elias enjoyed unwrapping his second gift too. A race track!

P1150216Then he played with his cars while Daddy put together the big race track.

P1150219Everyone got in on the fun while Daddy built the track.

P1150222Nathan was very excited. He said, “I always wanted a motorized race track!”


With it all finally put together we had 20 or so minutes of fun before it was time for bed. Elias learned how to work the track gears pretty quickly. Here he is focused on the task at hand. You can’t see the car in the picture, but it is whizzing around somewhere.

P1150235So…thanks Uncle Greg! Elias loves it, and I’m sure it will provide lots of fun.

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