Christmas Pageant…My Little Angels

On Christmas Eve, my boys participated in the St. Bartholomew’s annual Christmas Pageant. It was Elias’ second year being an angel, and Simon’s first year being angel. The angels go up and sing “Away in a Manger” and do some hand motions along with it. Last year, Elias did it really well at home and at rehearsal, but had major stage fright during the actual pageant and hid in the corner of the stage crying. This year was much improved. He sang and did all the hand motions in the middle of the stage….but he refused to stand. He did the whole thing sitting down. We’ll just say he wanted to be closer to Simon who just sat there staring and looking cute…or maybe we’ll say that Elias just wanted to leave some room for improvement since he will be an angel again next year.

Anyway, the point isn’t really to “perform” well. Both the boys were so cute in their angel costumes (Elias said he wanted his pirate costume but we told him that there are no pirates in Jesus’ birth story). They helped act out one of the most important events ever to occur, and they looked cute doing it!

Elias was very uncooperative on getting his picture taken. Before the pageant, he refused, and Simon was more interested in Elias than in me so this is what I got:

P1160056Yes, I have jealousy in my heart because another mom posted about 8 cute pictures of her two daughters posing for the camera in their angel get-ups. But I have the memories…right?

I did sneak these two pictures while the boys had their defenses down:

P1160059 P1160062After the service, we got our traditional family picture in front of the altar:


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