Christmas Tree Hunt and a Surprise Party

Saturday was a big day for us. It was full of family and fun and traditions. We also had a surprise party to celebrate my brother’s graduation from nursing school.

First thing in the morning, we took the boys to their classes. I got to take Elias to his sports class, and Nathan took Simon to swimming. It was fun to switch it up. I’ve been feeling like every time we do one on one time, someone else has Elias, and I’ve been missing him. Both boys had a blast.

After classes were over, we met the Bartle clan at Furrow tree farm for Christmas tree hunting. Because we are moving in a few days, we just wanted a small one for our place…does anyone else think it is crazy to move a Christmas Tree? We won’t decorate it until we get to the house, but we couldn’t go through Simon’s first Christmas without a tree.

It’s not the best family picture….but here we are in front of our tree.

P1150772Nathan being manly:

P1150782Elias was refusing to pose for pictures, but I got one pretty good one with Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina:

P1150791After tree hunting, we went to Ama and Baba’s for lunch, then home for a bit of rest in the afternoon. After last year’s bee incident, it has now become tradition for Elias to “check” the tree for bees. He saw a video of himself doing it last year, and suggested that he needed to do it again this year. So far zero bees! (Do you see Simon getting into trouble here?)

P1150795After some naps, we headed back over to Ama and Baba’s for a surprise party! My brother graduated from nursing school, and we wanted to celebrate the accomplishment. We invited some family and friends, got together some excellent food, and had a party!

The boys were excited to see Nana at the party.

P1150797Here is Scott shortly after the “surprise.” I caught his expression when he found out that there was pulled pork at the party.

P1150804Simon and his best friend/fellow nephew playing together.

P1150807Simon and Elias helped Uncle Scott open a few gifts.

P1150815It was a full day. And it filled my heart too. It’s crazy to have so much going on right before our move. But it’s probably better this way. Because being around family and friends so much helps me keep a good perspective on the whole situation.


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