One of Elias’ favorite things to do these days is dancing. Well…that’s what he calls it anyway. For him it’s all fun. For Mommy or Daddy it’s a strenuous work out. I don’t know how it all started, but Elias gets it in his head that he wants to “dance.” He runs and turns on the stereo so we have some music to dance to. Then, Nathan or I (whoever is his dance partner) must toss him in the air repeatedly to the beat of the music. When my arms get really tired, I just sort of swing him into the air instead of tossing him. But he absolutely loves it.

Often, Nathan and I take turns to give each other some rest. We never toss him far from our hands…a couple inches at most…but it is a good work out!

Here we are dancing:

P1160250 P1160261

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