First Day of Preschool!

Today was Elias’ first day of preschool. It went splendidly! As soon as we arrived in the parking lot, Elias exclaimed, “We’re at school!” We ran in the building, he hung up his coat, and entered his classroom. He looked a bit nervous at first, but when his teacher greeted him, he proudly told her, “I found my red wagon!” (The symbol she put next to his name on his coat hook, cubby, etc.)

I got to give Elias a hug and a kiss goodbye, and then I was out of there. As I walked down the hallway, I could still hear him talking to his teacher, telling her which toys he wanted to play with.

It got a little teary eyed. I didn’t want to cry, but couldn’t help myself. I needed to nurse Simon, though, so once I got to the car and focused on that I was able to compose myself. I can’t believe Elias is in school!

The next two hours went by pretty fast. I went to the post office. I picked up Elias’ plate that he painted the other day. I got my flu shot. I talked with Simon a bunch. Then we went back to pick up Elias. I didn’t know what to expect.

I couldn’t be more happy with how things turned out. When I got to the classroom, Elias came to greet me, and showed me his artwork. He told me that they learned about winter, and got to put glue on Frosty the snowman. (They glued marshmallows on a snowman). After we put on his coat and left, Elias was a fountain of information. He just gushed about things that happened. He told me about his snack. “Our friend Ashley brought gold fish. Mrs. Kimball says I could have more next time. I asked. I can have more next week.” He told me about some of the things he did during play time. “I played trains. I found the painted Thomas. It will stay at school until next week.” “I chose one girl book and two boy books.” (I never was able to get out more about the books…I’m not sure what he meant).

After a few minutes, though, he totally shut me out. He wouldn’t talk or look at me, and seemed to be in a foul mood. I didn’t push it because I wanted him to feel positive about the experience. I thought that was all I would get, but throughout the day he kept bringing preschool up over and over again. “Two Elise’s. Elise N and Elise T.” or “Marshmallows are yummy” (apparently he tried one!) “Mrs. Kimball brought three frostys.” “Poor table. The table was sad. It got a scratch.”

And I was very surprised at how much he already uses Mrs. Kimball’s lingo in how he talks about “our friends” and “jobs” and other such things.

The only thing that would have made the day better for me would have been to get a picture of him on his first day of preschool. Elias is very resistant to getting his picture taken. I wanted a picture of him standing by the front door holding up a sign that says first day of preschool or something like that. He got very upset when I tried to force it on him, and I didn’t want to make him upset before his first day of school. This is what I got:

P1160212I wish it didn’t bother me so much….but it does. I have the memories which are most important. But I like the pictures too! Oh well…if that is the only thing I have to complain about I guess I am pretty blessed.

Elias’ first day of preschool was a lot of fun and a big success!

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