Male Pattern Blindness: Version 2

I’ve written about male pattern blindness once before on this blog. For those of you who don’t remember, I was half joking/half lamenting about the fact that Nathan could some how “not see” certain chores that needed to be done. He’d wash all the dishes except his thermos. Or he would sweep the floor, but leave large food particles all over the high chair.

Anyway, today I experienced male pattern blindness: version 2 – childcare edition.

You see, one of my few indulgences is to take a long shower on Saturday mornings. Nathan is home in case the boys wake up (or to take care of them if they already are awake). It just starts my weekend out on the right foot. I always feel slightly guilty about wasting the water, but like I said, it’s one of my few indulgences.

This morning while I was partaking in said indulgence, Elias woke up. Nathan greeted him, supervised him on the potty, got him dressed, and took the boys downstairs for breakfast.

A few minutes later, I joined the boys for breakfast. I made my breakfast, sat down at the table, and started eating. I turned my gaze over to Elias, and saw that his shirt sleeves were up almost to his elbows. I did a double take…and saw that he was wearing one of Simon’s shirts.

“Oh Daddy! What did you do?” I exclaimed! “That’s one of Simon’s shirts!” Nathan immediately started laughing and said, “Well I thought it might have been a bit snug.” Then I looked at the pants….they were Simon’s as well. Nathan had taken the clothes out of a basket of clean laundry that had not yet been folded. He had chosen Simon’s clothes for Elias to wear.

Now….I’m not trying to complain here. I really appreciate that Nathan helps out with the boys. He is so supportive and helpful to me. I am mostly writing this post because I am just so confused. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

How in the world could you not check the size of the clothes if they were this tight? How in the world could you make this mistake? It just boggles my mind. Nathan just thinks it is funny…and I do too in a way. But I just don’t see how it is possible to even commit this mistake!

I took poor Elias upstairs and changed him in to appropriate attire…but not before snapping a quick picture of the poor little guy in Simon’s clothes. Here is how Daddy dressed him this morning:

P1160228The pants are so short! The waistband is folded and uncomfortable! The sleeves are halfway to his elbows!

I call it male pattern blindness: version 2. Let’s just be thankful that his mistakes are of this variety, and not something serious! I love you, Nathan. Male pattern blindness and all.

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