Simon is Walking!

Simon is walking! He’s been slowly increasing his distance from one step…to two steps…to four steps at a time. Now I think I will say he is officially walking since he tries walking all the time and he can make it all the way across the room. He loses his balance quite often, but after he plops down on his little bottom, he gets right back up for more.

Unfortunately, today Simon got his first fat lip. In fact, he ended up with two separate bloody mouth experiences today. The first was from falling forward while walking. He got three cuts on the inside of his top lip. The second time was the bottom lip. Poor little guy!

Here is some footage of Simon walking:

I’m both happy and sad at the same time. My baby is growing up.

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  1. janet says:

    Ah, and next week or in two weeks at the latest, you will undoubtedly be writing that he is now running…..

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