Simon’s 1st Birthday: Family Party

Simon’s cousins, and an extra auntie and uncle were in town over president’s day weekend, so we decided to have his family party then for an extra large gathering. Here is the birthday fun in pictures:

Elias helped me to decorate Simon’s birthday cupcakes before everyone came over:

P1160681While I made dinner, Simon decided to check the present pile and remove all bows:

P1160692I made Simon’s favorite meal – Spaghetti with meat sauce, bread sticks, and strawberries.

P1160695We couldn’t fit everyone at one table, but we moved everyone out into the family room so we could all at least be in close quarters.

P1160698Simon enjoyed his meal.

P1160701After clean up, we went to open presents. Auntie Kristy made him a toy box similar to the one she made for Elias at one year. Now it’s a tradition!

P1160707Elias “helped” open the presents.

P1160711Then we all played with the loot:

P1160725Finally, it was time for dessert. Simon enjoyed it when we sang happy birthday:

P1160728But he enjoyed his first chocolate cupcake even more:

P1160737Here he is signing for “more”

P1160741It was a wonderful night with family. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!

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