The Leaf Pile

Jumping in a leaf pile is like a rite of passage for kids all around. A few days ago I pushed some leaves around the yard with my foot until a small pile was made, and the boys had a blast. (Not the most efficient way to make a pile, I know, but I was improvising). Today, when Nathan said he was going to go out and rake, I got the boys all dressed for fall weather (coats and boots) and headed out with them.

The boys had about four decent sized leaf piles to choose from, and they made use of almost all of them. Elias definitely had more fun than Simon, who is just a bit too uncoordinated to run in boots, but both boys had a great time running and jumping in the leaves. Here are a few pictures of our fun time:

P1200791 P1200795 P1200810 P1200812And here is one of Elias mid-leap:

P1200790The boys even held hands. It was very cute.

P1200789We also had a visitor on our street while the boys were playing in the leaves. We even got to see her leap over fences.

P1200786In the end, the piles were all cleaned up and placed in the yard debris. The boys got to help Daddy by jumping on the leaves to press them down.

P1200816It was an hour well spent!

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  1. janet says:

    ah jumping in leaves in the fall is the best. I love shuffling through leaves in the fall. You and Nathan are such good parents.

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