Family Night #2

P1210195Last week we had our second family night. We’ve decided to try two a month because that is a realistic goal and it is often enough that it will feel like a memorable tradition for the boys. During dinner, I asked Elias what he wanted to do for family night. At first, he said that we do the jenga dominoes for family night. (That is what we did the first time). I thought it was funny that he thought we had to do jenga every time, but didn’t argue. A few minutes later, though, Elias declared that he wanted to do an Easter egg hunt. After recovering from a bit of a surprise (we haven’t gotten out Easter eggs for months) I told him it sounded like a fun idea.

We got down the basket of Easter eggs, we hid them, we found them, and we opened them all up, using our imaginations to tell each other what was inside. The boys had a blast…so we did it all over again…and again.

I would have never guessed that our family night would be spent doing an Easter egg hunt. And if you had told me that is what we would do I probably would not have looked forward to it to be honest. But in the midst of it, it was fun because we were together, and that is what matters.

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