Family Night

P1210152Nathan and I have decided to implement a twice-monthly family night with just the four of us. We had always had aspirations of starting something like that, but the boys were young, and our schedule always filled up. Starting this month, we put our family nights on the calendar first. I imagine they’ll grow as our family grows, and for now, we’ll just do what the boys can.

We had our first family game night last Friday. What did we end up playing? Dominoes! Earlier in the day, Baba had taught Elias how to play dominoes with some Jenga sticks. We have them at our house as well, so when we asked Elias what he wanted to do, that was his first choice. We had a lot of fun building domino runs as well as building towers. After thirty minutes or so, Nathan and Elias kept going, but Simon lost interest so I ended up reading him stories. It wasn’t exactly as I imagined. The boys didn’t know it was supposed to be a special night. But I hope they do remember that we had family game nights when they are older and cherish that we spent time together.

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