Marble Tracks!

Elias has a marble track set that he received as a gift a little over a year ago. Ever since he got it, he has loved sending the marbles down the tracks. However, either Nathan or I had to build it for him. Elias would try to assemble his own tracks, but did not understand how to connect the pieces so that the marble would have one continuous track. I watched many of his friends have the same problem when they played together.

Recently, though, Elias is really making a big jump in this area. He plays with his marble track almost every day during quiet time. He builds a track, sends the marbles down a couple of times, and then disassembles it to build a new one. Maybe practice makes perfect or perhaps he’s just made a developmental leap. Elias is getting really good at creating marble tracks.

Check this one out from this afternoon:

P1210183It’s complex and creative, and it works – 100%! He was very proud and wanted to show me how it worked. Here he is putting some marbles down the track. I think he is looking at me like: “Mom! Are you still taking pictures?”


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  1. janet says:

    Hurrah for Elias! One year I had to assemble one for several weeks at school — I finally memorized one combination that worked. Elias has surpassed that with his imagination.

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