The Juice

I’ve been wanting a smoothie maker, and for Christmas, my mom provided. I’ve been enjoying delicious smoothies made from real fruits a couple of times a week since then.

On a related note, (you’ll see how it relates soon, I promise!), Elias has really gotten into Curious George lately. He draws pictures of monkeys and distributes them to friends and family christened with special messages. He got a Curious George movie in his stocking, and has been enjoying a few episodes here and there. One of his favorites is an episode where George and the man with the yellow hat get a juicer. George proceeds to experiment with the juicer and tries to replicate a juice he had tasted at a farmers market.

Out of the blue yesterday, Elias asked me if we had a juicer. I replied….”sort of…yes,” thinking of my smoothie maker. It took me a few seconds to connect the fact that he probably wanted to do what George had done in the movie. Today he asked me if he could make some juice. I told him he could after Simon’s nap. As soon as we got in the door from preschool he went to the fridge and started unloading fruits. I still made him wait until after Simon’s nap, but he was very excited.

Elias picked out all of the fruits for his “juice.” He tried to put a whole apple in, but I told him we needed to peel and cut it up a bit. Then he chose strawberries, banana, blueberries and raspberries from our fridge.

P1210162Next he covered his ears as we mixed it all up. He kept saying he wanted to drink it. I was hopeful but never really expected him to go through with it. Elias is a very unadventurous eater, and refuses every beverage except water. It’s not such a bad thing because he doesn’t drink sugary juices or sodas or hot chocolate. But in this case, I would have liked him to try it.

In the end, Elias did not try the smoothie “juice.” It was very tasty though. I may have to let him make me smoothies more often! You can see in the picture that he is nervous. I think he thought I would force him to try it.


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