Baby James’ Baptism and A Building Dedication

Today we had some really great events we got to attend. We woke up and headed to Ama and Baba’s church to see baby James get baptized. Afterward, we headed to my parents house to celebrate.

Here’s the man of honor:

P1220997I couldn’t get him to smile for the picture, but he was all smiles before this when I was singing and playing with him.

P1230002All of his cousins got to help James open some gifts.

P1230005After most of the guests left we stayed for a bit of swimming. The boys had a blast.

P1230015P1230024Baby James even got in for a bit. It was his first experience with a swimming pool!

P1230014He wasn’t too impressed.

P1230016 P1230019Simon was curious. He fell in from this position and splashed James. James let us know that he  preferred to sit in the shade with Mommy.

P1230022After much fun was had we all ate lunch in the shade outside.

P1230029We went home for nap time and pretty much wished we had popsicles or something else cool to snack on. Then we headed to our own church for the dedication of the new office building.

The church was so hot we pretty much roasted alive. Simon’s head was literally soaking wet from sweat. He looked like he had been swimming. And of course…both boys wanted to sit on me. Oh the body heat!

But truth be told we made it through the service with relatively little disturbance. The boys did great. It was afterward that was tricky. There was a reception. The boys were hot, tired, and hungry, and Simon pretty much had a meltdown. He was crying and screaming and throwing strawberries. Ugghh!

Luckily, we were able to calm him down with some brownies and broccoli. (Who would have thought?) The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful.

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  1. Cara says:

    I thought the boys did great during the dedication despite the heat. It was not at all obvious that they were exhausted! They are always so well behaved, poor little fellas! I’m happy you all were there for the event 🙂

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