Sick Days

We’ve been sick around here. Uggh! I know lots of people out there are dealing with it. The beginning of school comes and we are all hit by a bus. For us, it started last Friday with Simon getting a case of the sniffles. I didn’t think much of it because it was so mild, but we took it easy Friday to avoid spreading germs, and to hopefully get it over with quickly.

Unfortunately, Elias caught it and he never does anything halfway…especially getting sick. Everything always goes into his chest and from there it gets scary. He gets scared when he can’t breathe, and I can’t sleep!

Yesterday Elias had to miss school, play group, swimming lessons, and his first night of AWANA. I really did not want him to miss a second day of school (especially so early in the year), but today he woke up still hacking a lot, and his breathing was still not back to normal. So I spent another day trying to keep him restful.

It’s hard to keep a 4 year old boy on the couch without the aid of electronics when he is on the mend. I did use my fair share of electronics. But I had lots of other ideas too. He calmly played marble track for an hour and a half while Simon napped and I dozed. He worked on an Usbourne wipe clean book for about an hour. We read books. And….we made a fall leaf craft for our windows.

I drew leaves on some contact paper and had the boys stick fall colored tissue paper randomly on top.

20150922_135538 20150922_135547Then we placed another piece of contact paper on top, and cut the whole thing out. They turned out quite nice.

20150922_141802Elias’ leaf

20150922_141907Simon’s leaf

20150922_141928I wanted them to make more, and they wanted to make more as well, but we were crunching into nap time. Later in the day they didn’t have any interest. Maybe we will make some more tomorrow or another day!

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