Halloween Fun 2015!

We’ve been having a few free evenings this week, both expected and unexpected. We’ve used the time after dinner to have some good ol’ family Halloween fun.

Elias has been very excited to carve pumpkins and has been asking about it over and over. Last night we got out our pumpkins and our supplies and got to work. Just as Elias started to spoon out the innards I was about to explain to him about what he was doing. It turns out that was unnecessary because before I could get any words out, he told me, “I’m taking out the meat and the seeds.”

Well then…I guess he pays attention in school! His teacher had carved a small pumpkin with his class only a few days before.

Both of the boys were very excited to carve their own pumpkin.

20151028_180334 20151028_180412Each of the boys also designed their pumpkin. They both wanted traditional jack-o-lanterns and drew the shapes they wanted for eyes, nose, and mouth. Mommy and Daddy wielded the knives, and the boys ended up with creations that they were very proud of.

20151028_183407 20151028_183429They look great!

20151028_183731Then this evening we got to bake and decorate some Halloween cookies. They mixed ingredients.

P1230799They cut out some Halloween shapes.

P1230801They baked the cookies, and then frosted and decorated them.

20151029_194103Finally, they enjoyed the sweet goodness! Here are their creations.


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