I’ve been thinking for awhile about how I want to decorate baby #3’s nursery. I’ve gone back and forth between colors and themes quite a bit. In the end I was inspired by our toddler bed, which is in the shape of a boat. We bought some nice blue paint and plan to get to painting next weekend. I looked around a bit for nursery decorations, and maybe I’m just cheap, but I couldn’t believe how much people charge for cute nursery wall hangings. I guess they think the hormones will block out the sticker shock and cause you to buy.

I wasn’t having any of that, but I certainly didn’t want blank walls either. So….I searched around pinterest and a few other places for some inspiration and headed to JoAnn Fabrics with a gift card I had received for my birthday. I have a few projects in mind for the nursery, and I completed the first one this evening after the boys were in bed.

I had Nathan get me a table for all of my art supplies, we popped in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I got to painting. I just needed four blank white canvases, some paint, and few stencils.

The lighting is terrible, and the paint isn’t dry, but you can get the idea here:

20151017_221457I’m actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. I’ll be sure to post a picture of them on the wall after they are dried hung in the nursery!

Not bad for an hour and a half of work. Something like this ran around $50 if I were to purchase it ready made, and I did it for a lot less!

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