Nursery Decor #2

I had another crafty night this evening after I got home from Bible study. As I said before, I have a few projects that I’d like to try in order to decorate baby #3’s nursery. I’m going with a nautical theme.

When I looked around on pinterest and other such websites looking for ideas, I found about fifteen versions of the project I tried tonight. I thought it was super cute and decided I just had to try it for myself.

Again, all I needed were three blank canvases, a pencil, and some paint. It was super simple!

20151018_230710After looking at multiple versions of this project, I drew the whale free hand with a pencil. I was not confident, but I’m happy with the way it turned out. The splash actually took me a lot longer. I went through about four different versions and had input from Nathan to make it recognizable as a “splash” yet in the same friendly style as the whale.

After I had everything outlined in pencil, all I had to do was carefully paint around it in my desired colors. Voila! Another one in the books!

I think I’ll call nursery project #2 another success! I can’t wait to see what it all looks like on the wall this weekend!

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