Pumpkin Patch 2015

Because of all of Nathan’s traveling and some other family activities, we are pretty much solidly booked until the last couple of weekends before the baby comes. So…when I realized that we had a free Saturday morning I jumped at the chance to take our family to the pumpkin patch. The weather cooperated and the boys were excited so it was a recipe for success.

The boys enjoyed picking out their pumpkins, although I think Simon liked pulling the wagon more (to Nathan’s discontent).

20151017_104242 20151017_104439After choosing pumpkins, the boys really wanted to go on the barrel train ride. We went to buy tokens, and waited in line. When Elias realized, though, that Nathan and I were not going to ride with them, he totally freaked out. He was crying pretty hard and was NOT going to get on the train. Luckily, Simon was still excited to ride and went all by himself. He was so proud!

20151017_110847Then, Simon decided he wanted to go on the “horsey ride.” (pony ride). We’ve been to Plumper pumpkin patch since Elias had just turned one, and I’ve always wanted my kids to do that. I was super excited that one of them suggested it, and we decided to get some tokens for Simon to do it. I thought he might get scared and back out at the last minute, but decided we’d go for it just in case. Seize the day!

As I bought the tokens, Elias had another breakdown because he decided he wanted to do the pony ride as well. I thought for sure he would never actually do it because he is usually afraid of larger animals. However, I bought the tokens anyway to give him the chance.

As it turns out, both of the boys really loved the pony ride. Neither of them were nervous at all. The just had the time of their lives riding around in a circle over and over again.

20151017_114232 20151017_114255So…all’s well that ends well. The boys had a blast at the pumpkin patch despite some tears along the way. We’ve got two great pumpkins to carve some time soon, and the boys have now both ridden a pony for the first time!

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