Caleb – 2 Month Highlights

Caleb turned two months old a couple of days ago. The time is slipping through my fingers!

The biggest highlight of Caleb’s second month was his baptism. We celebrated on Baptism of Jesus Sunday. I think out of the three baptisms for our kids, I found this particular Sunday to be the most meaningful. (Elias was baptized on All Saints Day, and Simon was baptized on Easter Vigil.) We are so happy and thankful that Caleb is a part of our Christian family and that we have so many friends and family who will support him and help him grow in faith.

Elias and Simon got to help baptize Caleb.

IMG_2611After the service we had some friends and family over to celebrate at our house.

IMG_2616Also in his second month, Caleb has really been working on his smile and his cooing. He is very vocal with Nathan and I and with his brothers. Elias and Simon really enjoy the “talking.” Caleb can hold his head up really well, and is really starting to notice more about the world around him.

Here is Caleb at 2 months old:

20160125_101201Yesterday Caleb had his 2 month well check. Here are his stats:

Weight: 13 pounds, 5 ounces (80ish percentile)

Height: 24 inches (85ish percentile)

He is a healthy and inquisitive little boy.

Caleb also got his first shots yesterday. I never like seeing the shock and pain on their little faces. Today Caleb has been extremely grumpy and sleepy. I’ve never had a child so affected by the shots before. Hopefully he’ll feel better by tomorrow!

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